Sandra Ike
Thursday, September 10, 2020

The 2020 Millennium Café Pitch Competition was held virtually on Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Sponsored by PPG Industries, the Millennium Café Pitch Competition is an opportunity for graduate students to pitch research in two minutes or less using no more than four supporting slides.?

Evaluation criteria included:
? Big Picture – Did the researcher give a compelling reason why their work is important?
? Structure & Clarity – Did the presenter create the message in a logical and well-supported fashion?
? Use of technology – Did the presenter know how to screen share, how to use laser pointer if needed, were there the right amount of visuals, did they use a variety of images and graphics, background visuals, etc…
? Passion – Was it presented with energy, enthusiasm, good body language, etc.?
? Pace – Was the presenter prepared to start the pitch as soon as the start was signaled, and did the presenter stay within the allotted time?

Winners of the competition included:

First Place
Sandra Ike
"Creating Graphitic Carbons from Biopolymers"

Second Place
Nabila Nabi Nova
"3D Printing of Metals from Salt Solutions"

Third Place
William Searight
"Deep Space Exploration Using Nuclear Rockets"

Fourth Place
Thomas Nigl
"Using Liquid Metals to Reduce Nuclear Waste"

Fifth place
Abigail Gancz
"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells the Story?? Assessing Health and Disease in Past Populations"

More information about the presentations and the winners can be found here.